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Conway’s Little Zero

So I’ve had a long hard week with starting chemo and trying to convince my brain to function long enough for me to get some work done.  I had the pleasure to listen to a couple new bands this week, and if I hadn’t said it before, Little Rock has some amazing talent.  So its been a long week and a long weekend.  I find myself on my balcony in this amazing fall weather we seem to be having here in little rock and enjoying the breeze.  Then I wonder, what could possibly make this a more relaxing afternoon, then it hits me.  The ingredients for a perfect afternoon here in little rock are this: fall weather, a large balcony, a glass of wine, and Conway’s own Little Zero.

Now if you haven’t heard Little Zero, you are really missing out.  The first night I had the opportunity to listen to their music I was absolutely blown away.  With a blues beat and a voice demanding attention the music is soulful with a little funk.  Well Little Zero I am definitely a fan, and am sending everyone I can your way.  What am I listening to today, Little Rock?  I am listening to a Little Zero!  Thanks for the great music, keep it up Little Zero!

You can little to the smooth sounds of Little Zero at

And please don’t forget to go like them on Facebook



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