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Sound of Infinity

Ok Little Rock, it’s that time again. It’s time for me to get up and clean. For those who know me, you know my cleaning ritual. For those who don’t know me, my cleaning ritual involves coffee or a Rockstar, the lighting of incense, dancing around my place like a crazy woman, and blaring some great music that helps me do just that!

Right now I am jamming out to the song “Sound of Infinity”. Now these description of the music is instrumental rock with a bass lead or contemporary jazz. I however, would call this music “feel-good music for the soul”.

The rocking instrumental sounds of “Sound of Infinity” come from two extremely talented musicians by the names of Eric Alan Smith, and Rich Morton. I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Rich and there is no doubt how passionate he is about his music. Well Rich, the passion in your music can definitely be heard from track one.

What am I listening to Little Rock? In listening to the song “Austin” by the Sound of Infinity. It’s got an amazing classic rock feel with a modern jazz edge. Thank you Sound of Infinity for starting my morning out right and sharing your talent and passion with the rest of Little Rock!

You can get the Sound of Infinity at

Want to get in touch with Sound of Infinity? Contact me and I would be happy to send you their way!

What are you listening to, Little Rock?


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10 responses to “Sound of Infinity

  1. Thank you Holly for the positive comments, we appreciate them vey much. Sound of Infinity was three years in the making, and it is good to know that all our passion came through to the listening ear. To be sure, Sound of Infinity was an artistic project for us both, and we are pleased to share it with Little Rock in the spirit of goodwill.
    – Rich Morton

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  3. What a pleasure to read the review, Holly! Bass lead instrumentals are definitely not in the main stream, so it’s nice when a person enjoys it as we do. This collaboration was a magical experience between all involved!

    • Jana Blewett ⋅

      So proud of you all , Eric! I’m sure it’s very rewarding to know all of your hard work and effort is now paying off–I’m buying the album now, neighbor!! Keep producing! Hope there is more to come

  4. Holly Caniglia ⋅

    Obviously all Hollys have great taste in music! Great job guys! I really enjoyed!

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