After The Fifth

So it’s a nice afternoon here in Little Rock and I’m still on my balcony drinking coffee and enjoying all the beautiful colors of the changing trees. I’ve been inspired to start on another painting but for some reason I haven’t got things going. I need something to get my heart racing and the blood flowing to start my project for today. That’s okay, I know exactly what I need.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to After The Fifth, well let’s just say you are missing out. With a beat that get’s your heart pumping, and a voice that soothes your soul, its a genius combination. When I first heard this band I think I must have held my breath through the first song, not wanting to miss a second of it. And now you can find it constantly being played on my computer, forcing my Little Rock neighbors to listen to something great. And to my neighbors here in Little Rock, you are welcome.

While all their music is genius and filled with the perfect ingredients that come together to create some amazing music, today I am listening to “Hollywood Sickness”. So play it loud, play it proud, and spread the music Little Rock.
After The Fifth has me rocking out and feeling alive today!

You can find After The Fifth’s music at

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Thank you, After The Fifth for sharing your amazing talent with me!