Stella Bizarre

Okay Little Rock, so this Monday has been crazy for me and it’s not even half over. I’ve had the pleasure to speak with various artist and I have a ridiculous amount of articles to write. It’s seriously a mad house at my place right now. With all the craziness there is just one song I just can’t seem to get out of my mind. So I’m sitting here on my balcony, blaring music for all my fabulous neighbors to hear once again.

A-Cult, A-Cult, A-Cult, you are a breath of fresh air on this crazy afternoon. I had the pleasure of listening to Stella Bizarre today. Their pure mixture of synth-pop combined with their alternative rock sound is truly amazing. This band has definitely come together to perfectly combine their musical talent to produce a sound that you just can not ignore!

If you haven’t heard Stella Bizarre, you are missing out Little Rock! I would recommend checking their music out to get you going on the crazy Monday. What am I listening to, Little Rock? Well, without a doubt, I am listening to Stella Bizarre.

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Little Rock, Stella Bizarre is playing TONIGHT at Juanitas, and you don’t want to miss them on the 12th at Vinos!