Sound of Infinity

Ok Little Rock, it’s that time again. It’s time for me to get up and clean. For those who know me, you know my cleaning ritual. For those who don’t know me, my cleaning ritual involves coffee or a Rockstar, the lighting of incense, dancing around my place like a crazy woman, and blaring some great music that helps me do just that!

Right now I am jamming out to the song “Sound of Infinity”. Now these description of the music is instrumental rock with a bass lead or contemporary jazz. I however, would call this music “feel-good music for the soul”.

The rocking instrumental sounds of “Sound of Infinity” come from two extremely talented musicians by the names of Eric Alan Smith, and Rich Morton. I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Rich and there is no doubt how passionate he is about his music. Well Rich, the passion in your music can definitely be heard from track one.

What am I listening to Little Rock? In listening to the song “Austin” by the Sound of Infinity. It’s got an amazing classic rock feel with a modern jazz edge. Thank you Sound of Infinity for starting my morning out right and sharing your talent and passion with the rest of Little Rock!

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What are you listening to, Little Rock?


Stella Bizarre

Okay Little Rock, so this Monday has been crazy for me and it’s not even half over. I’ve had the pleasure to speak with various artist and I have a ridiculous amount of articles to write. It’s seriously a mad house at my place right now. With all the craziness there is just one song I just can’t seem to get out of my mind. So I’m sitting here on my balcony, blaring music for all my fabulous neighbors to hear once again.

A-Cult, A-Cult, A-Cult, you are a breath of fresh air on this crazy afternoon. I had the pleasure of listening to Stella Bizarre today. Their pure mixture of synth-pop combined with their alternative rock sound is truly amazing. This band has definitely come together to perfectly combine their musical talent to produce a sound that you just can not ignore!

If you haven’t heard Stella Bizarre, you are missing out Little Rock! I would recommend checking their music out to get you going on the crazy Monday. What am I listening to, Little Rock? Well, without a doubt, I am listening to Stella Bizarre.

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Little Rock, Stella Bizarre is playing TONIGHT at Juanitas, and you don’t want to miss them on the 12th at Vinos!

Arkansas Trainwreck

So It’s a truly amazing morning here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m sitting out on my balcony ready to start my work day. The breeze is cool outside today, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. I realize that I’m missing something to get my day started, and I need the smooth sounds of Arkansas Trainwreck.

I was lucky enough to come Arkansas Trainwreck a few weeks ago.  They have an amazing folk music sound with a bluegrass voice.  The perfect combination of the cool autumn air, a nice hot cup of coffee, and a little Arkansas Trainwreck is what I need this morning.

If you haven’t heard Arkansas Trainwreck, you are missing out. What am I listening to today, Little Rock?
I am starting my morning with “The Story” by Arkansas Trainwreck. A little morning bluegrass belting out “Arkansas’s the place for me”, has me on my way. Thank you Arkansas Trainwreck for your smooth sounds and amazing talent!

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After The Fifth

So it’s a nice afternoon here in Little Rock and I’m still on my balcony drinking coffee and enjoying all the beautiful colors of the changing trees. I’ve been inspired to start on another painting but for some reason I haven’t got things going. I need something to get my heart racing and the blood flowing to start my project for today. That’s okay, I know exactly what I need.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to After The Fifth, well let’s just say you are missing out. With a beat that get’s your heart pumping, and a voice that soothes your soul, its a genius combination. When I first heard this band I think I must have held my breath through the first song, not wanting to miss a second of it. And now you can find it constantly being played on my computer, forcing my Little Rock neighbors to listen to something great. And to my neighbors here in Little Rock, you are welcome.

While all their music is genius and filled with the perfect ingredients that come together to create some amazing music, today I am listening to “Hollywood Sickness”. So play it loud, play it proud, and spread the music Little Rock.
After The Fifth has me rocking out and feeling alive today!

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Thank you, After The Fifth for sharing your amazing talent with me!

Conway’s Little Zero

So I’ve had a long hard week with starting chemo and trying to convince my brain to function long enough for me to get some work done.  I had the pleasure to listen to a couple new bands this week, and if I hadn’t said it before, Little Rock has some amazing talent.  So its been a long week and a long weekend.  I find myself on my balcony in this amazing fall weather we seem to be having here in little rock and enjoying the breeze.  Then I wonder, what could possibly make this a more relaxing afternoon, then it hits me.  The ingredients for a perfect afternoon here in little rock are this: fall weather, a large balcony, a glass of wine, and Conway’s own Little Zero.

Now if you haven’t heard Little Zero, you are really missing out.  The first night I had the opportunity to listen to their music I was absolutely blown away.  With a blues beat and a voice demanding attention the music is soulful with a little funk.  Well Little Zero I am definitely a fan, and am sending everyone I can your way.  What am I listening to today, Little Rock?  I am listening to a Little Zero!  Thanks for the great music, keep it up Little Zero!

You can little to the smooth sounds of Little Zero at

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Dangerous Idiots

Okay Little Rock do you ever just have one of those days where you are bored to death and so you just sit there with a million thoughts racing through your mind?  Well, today is that day for me.    I’m sitting out on the balcony in this amazing weather and I’m talking to my albino guinea pig Snow White, who has a mohawk and a sparkling personality, and I’m silently wondering if anyone ever really gets me and my super hyperactive slightly artistically insane mind.  What I’m really doing is waiting for motivation to get up and accomplish something today, but I have been waiting quite a while at this point.  Then it hits me…what I need is a role model.  So now I am frantically searching through my computer looking for a song, but not just any song, I’m looking for “Can I Get a Role Model” by Dangerous Idiots.  My Publicist Carter Stucker II and I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Sarlo from Dangerous Idiots last week to do an interview for  What an awesome down-to-earth guy, the kind you find yourself talking to in a coffee shop forgetting you are there for an interview and enjoying the good conversation.  So now I’ve got it.  What am I listening to?  I am listening to “Can I Get a Role Model” by Little Rocks own Dangerous Idiots.  I am up and ready to take on the world.  Well Little Rock, that is all for day.  I hope you enjoy this amazing weather, and for the time being…I’m out!